Importance of proper Alignment in Yoga practice

Importance of Proper Alignment in Yoga Practice

There are many different types of Yoga, and they all come with basic alignment rules to follow during Yoga practice. Why?  Is it because a pose looks pretty? NO… It is because necessary alignment in yoga poses is critical as it maximizes the benefits of the pose. It increases the strength & flexibility without causing […]

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Ek Omkar Yoga Center Announced Teacher Training Course Dates in Goa for Session 2016-17

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Professional certification and in-depth accurate knowledge of Yoga plays a vital role in transforming a Yoga practitioner into a Yoga Teacher. One of the top Yoga schools in India Ek Omkar Yoga school has raised to eminence in short span. Many Yoga enthusiasts from across the globe reach out to the school to pursue this […]

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Ek Omkar Yoga Teacher Training October Session Opening Ceremony

We are very happy to share that today we have started our new (October) session of Yoga Teacher Training Course with a new group of students. Our students of different levels have come from all over the world with the aim to learn the deeper aspect of Yoga. Their enthusiasm is infectious. It is also an […]

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Guide To Hatha Yoga

Guide To Hatha Yoga

Many of us are practicing Hatha yoga or any form based on it without actually knowing its meaning. But what does it mean? In its very basic usage Hatha means Yoga. It is also known as Hathavidya. This form is very famous and best known in the west. It is not an exercise and does not […]

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Ek Omkar Yoga Center Announces 7 Days Beach Yoga Retreat in Goa

Beach Yoga Retreat Goa

Based in Arambol Beach, Goa, Ek Omkar Yoga is renowned for providing various career-oriented Yoga training courses including beach Yoga retreat. Yoga is everywhere these days and it continues to grow with positive momentum. As Yoga retreat in Goa is becoming popular day by day, the senior official at Ek Omkar Yoga School has announced […]

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Overall Health Benefits Of Yoga


We have heard of Yoga since ages, and nowadays it has become even familiar. But what comes into your mind when you first think of Yoga? Well, the answer is exercise and physical fitness. According to most of us here, Yoga is just a practice, with the help of which we can maintain a healthy […]

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Ek Omkar Yoga School Announces TTC Dates in Goa

Ashtanga yoga teacher training at Ek Omkar Yoga & Meditation center

Ek Omkar Yoga School in Goa, India has just announced its Yoga Teacher Training Course(TTC) dates at their Yoga Center in Goa Arambol for the session 2016-17. These Yoga courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. After the course completion, students are provided globally respected Yoga Alliance USA Yoga Teacher Certificates. Ek Omkar 200 hour […]

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Om Chanting For Meditation | Aum Meditation

Om Chanting

With Aum Chanting you can learn about your emotions, release your stress and reclaim the joy of being alive. OM or AUM stands for awareness, understanding, and meditation. This two-hour meditation guides you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience: hatred, forgiveness, love, stamina, life energy, chaos, dance, sadness, […]

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Learn how much water should you drink a day?


Do you know Water intake in the right amount can help in your weight loss efforts and impact positively on your health? Most of the people don’t realize the importance of drinking enough water. About 70% of our body is water. The body knows how to manage itself. Learn just to drink as much as water […]

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Poses and Benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)


The benefits of Surya Namaskar are innumerable. If you want to stay healthy and fit and searching for a single Mantra for the same, then Surya Namaskar is the answer. It is also known as Sun Salutation in English. Its origin lies in India. A large population in India worship Surya(Sun), the Hindu Solar Deity. […]

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