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Ek Omkar offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and Rishikesh, India. Every year students from all over the world join the TTC in India at Ek Omkar Yoga School. We have our Yoga centers in Goa and Rishikesh where we offer 100 hours, 200 hours yoga teacher training. Watch and read the Yoga Teacher Training Goa & Rishikesh reviews by the students of Ek Omkar Yoga School. Know about their experience at Ek Omkar for 200 hours TTC.

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Ek Omkar Yoga School
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 28 reviews
by Susan Rock on Ek Omkar Yoga School
wonderful experience

I agree 100% what a wonderful experience with excellent knowledgeable teachers, lovely place to stay and amazing food prepared with love. I’m so happy I chose Ek Omkar to do my TTC and would recommend to anyone. I have learned so much, have met some beautiful people. Thank you to everyone who made it so special.

by Millan Padhiar on Ek Omkar Yoga School
Great Experience

I don’t think I could have picked a better place to carry out my 200 hour YTTC training. From start to finish the attentiveness from the teachers and staff at Basho’s was great. Prashant, Krista and Naren all had a plethora of knowledge to pass down to us and had great energies. I looked forward each day to learning or questioning something. Deepak, Prem and the staff at Basho’s were very considerate and involved myself and my classmates in many activities which I will remember very fondly. The food was very, very good; they catered for my allergies without any issues. Some of the best food i’ve ever had! We all felt like a big family after a couple of days in.
My knowledge of philosophy and yoga has deepened. It is a practise I look forward to deepening in the future. I was fortunate to have a lovely group of course-mates who had a great energy and outlook from the beginning to the end, encouraging one another as the course went on and making the experience very enjoyable.

Thank you and hopefully see you all again in the near future 🙂
Millan Padhiar

by Carolina Young on Ek Omkar Yoga School
Life transforming.

The teacher training experience at Ek Omkar Yoga School was life transforming.

The knowledge of all the teachers is eternal that it motivates you to keep improving yourself and aspire to learn. This course was conducted very professionally. The Yoga philosophy classes have really impacted me in a positive way. Ek Omkar Yoga School is situated in a very beautiful location in Goa. It is a safe place to explore. I have gained the confidence in sharing my knowledge of yoga with everyone around the world.

by Richard Lewis on Ek Omkar Yoga School
I recommend this school

I have just completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Ek Omkar Yoga school in Rishikesh. The teachers were all experts and had deep knowledge of Yoga. They all were excellent, always answered our questions and doubts. A big thank you for all the patience, I have learned a lot with you guys!! The Ek Omkar team was very kind and helpful. Our rooms were clean and well maintained. We were served 3 meals a day. The food was delicious.

I just wished we had a few additional lead classes with Aman, he was our main teacher, amazing instructor. The Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy classes were very beneficial, we had detailed explanations. I recommend this school. If you are a Hatha Yoga practitioner and want to deepen your practice you will love it.


by Emily Swift on Ek Omkar Yoga School
This yoga school fulfilled all my expectations

I did my 200 hours yoga teacher training at Ek Omkar yoga school. I attended the TTC in May 2018. This yoga school fulfilled all my expectations. The program cost about half the price of most teacher training courses anywhere else in the world. I will definitely recommend this school to all my friends. I was surprised to see all the facilities provided by Ek Omkar yoga. The teachers and staff were kind and courteous, the food was delicious and the accommodation surpassed all my expectations. The location is very peaceful and attractive.

Thank you Ek Omkar and team for the unforgettable experience.

Sending you love and light!

I'm happy to answer specific questions anyone might have.

by Béa Leclercq on Ek Omkar Yoga School
I really recommend it!

Thanks a lot for this intense yoga teacher training in arambol, I m really grateful for all I get from the teachers and the practice! I really recommend it! Thanks a lot �

by Laurelette Pouette on Ek Omkar Yoga School
Feeling blessed

Feeling blessed to have done my yoga teacher training with these guys. The team is so friendly, but really professional about what they are doing, they taught me a lot, about the asanas practice of course, but also on the spiritual level, and every fields of yoga, from the kriyas (be prepared, it isn't a nice and cocooning time haha, but efficient !) to the mantras chanting, which I never thought I could actually enjoy as much as asanas ! I thought I was going for a month of asanas practice, but afterwards I feel like I have been given a new way of life, and the tools and tricks to follow it. If you are only interested about asanas practice, you'll be happy as well, as you'll train a lot and get your body ready to perform more asanas. You'll get better and better in your practice for sure.

Also you'll be teached how to adjust yourself and others, and you'll get more understanding about asanas, their purpose, how to get in and out, how to build a sequence, how to use the props, how to avoid injuries, how to teach and much more. It was really complete. The teachers are good and have a lot to share, with patience, and dedication, We also had an introduction to restorative yoga and yoga nidra, and a deep introduction on Yin Yoga, which I liked a lot and so know now that I want to learn more about.

The food is good and healthy, and there was a lot (yes it's important, yes I love food). The accommodation was for me perfect, nice huts on the beach, facing the stunning sunsets.. Of course, it's still India, so don't get frustrated if there is no power or no water for a while, it will come, at some point haha. You'll also learn patience, and easiness, this is also yoga 😋 So yeah, this last month was over all my expectations, and I thank Ek Omkar for that. 👍🙏

by Riley Viktoria on Ek Omkar Yoga School
Refreshing and Excited

I completed my 200 Hour YTTC with Aman and Delphin in February 2018. I was able to deepen my practice through Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. We also practiced other different style of yogas which was refreshing and excited. Philosophy class was very interested and I learned a lot about Yoga and Hinduism. At the end of the 26 days, I was able to create my own class sequence, be able to teach and have a greater understanding of the body and mind. Danyavaad to my amazing mentors!

by Mélanie on Ek Omkar Yoga School
I recommand this TTC 100%

The TTC with Aman (Hatha Yoga teacher) and Delphine (Vinyasa teacher) was very interesting and very well organised. Thoses twos are differents and very complementary. I also really liked Naren (the Philosophy teacher) because he was so patient and humble. Lata (the mantra chanting teacher) is a beautiful personn ans thanks to her and her tecnics it was very easy and pleasant to learn the mantras! The place in Arambol, Goa is very beautiful and relaxing. The vegetarian food is also good and during the week end we can try other kind of meals because Arambol is very cosmopolitan 🙂 I recommand this TTC 100%.

by Fab on Ek Omkar Yoga School
what a journey!

Oh, Ek Omkar… these guys managed to tick all of my boxes during this 200hr TTC. 26 days full of intensive yoga classes, comprehensive theoretical classes with inspiring teachers, deliciously nutritious meals and most importantly fun.

I have met people from all corners of the globe and shared the weirdest/best experiences with, needless to say we learnt a lot about yoga and ourselves. I will always look back on these memories with a large smile across my face!

Thank you Aman for showing us an authentic yoga practice and a sharing a piece of your life along with so much more, thank you Delphine for preparing and pushing us to be the best yoga teachers with such a kind heart. Thank you both for being inspirational. And thank you to everyone else involved at Ek Omkar for always meeting our every need and making our stay so memorable.

Don't wait any longer… come to India, you won't regret it, Ek Omkar does it better!

I will see you later my friends, you beautiful souls. Namaste

- Fab

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