Ek Omkar Yoga Teacher Training Course Goa Reviews 2016-17

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by Anelina Georgieva on Ek Omkar Yoga School
A wonderful place to learn yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Goa Review 2017 By Anelina Georgia
A wonderful place to learn yoga. Ek Omkar is a with a great location - right at the beach where u can enjoy the sea anytime you want and the people looking after the place are super friendly and make you feel like u are part of the family.
Aman is the main teacher who teaches Shivananda and Hatha. All he teaches is based on practice, not theory which is great in my opinion. Good asana teaching and he pays lots of attention to pranayama as well, which not many teachers do and I really enjoyed that as I think pranayama is super important and beneficial. He is such a good soul. I have to say part of the huge respect I have for him as a human and teacher I feel he became my friend too. I definitely recommend the place 🙂

by Meagan Greenbowe on Ek Omkar Yoga School
Excellent Experience

This yoga center worked well for me and what I wanted out of the experience. The center is right along the beach and I was able to swim and read out in the sun inbetween classes. Aman is an excellent yoga teacher and his practice and insight helped me to focus on some things I've been wanting to expand in life. Our ashtanga teacher was also very insightful and I got a lot our of her classes.
The other classes to the course were a bit of a let down. I felt like I had teachers speaking at me and just reading from the book for our anatomy class, and our philosophy portion was a man that just kind of imposed his view points on you and talked about himself the entire time.
We also didnt recieve a manual for the course which the book provided does have a lot of information to refer to but I would still really like something with pictures and more poses to do a quick reference to instead of flipping through a book. Right now I have a bunch of papers disoragnized with notes on them that I'm worried will get lost with my upcoming backpacking travels.
Ultimatley I loved Aman the main teacher and am glad I did this specific course with him. It worked really well for me and what I mentally wanted to get out of it. There are improvements that can be made though.

by Andrea Bichler on Ek Omkar Yoga School
Highly Recommended

I did my 200 hours Yoga teacher training course at Ek Omkar Yoga Center in December 2016 and would really love to recommend this school to any person interested in learning more about his body, breath and mind!
What I liked most:

  • Small efficient group-sizes: Less than 10 students – that´s awesome! And hard to find anywhere else.
  • Teaching is based on friendship and trust.
  • Excellent, helpful, knowledgable and patient teachers with years of teaching experience!
  • Yoga Alliance certificated. 5. Based on Hata Yoga you will also get a deep understanding for Sivananda- and Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Perfect guideline: course includes Yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. The first 2 weeks you work on improving yourself, the last 2 weeks you focus on teaching techniques and -practice.
  • The place is safe and quiet, 1min to the beach. Very clean and nice accommodation in huts.
  • Food is cooked fresh 3 times a day and is really- I mean really awesome!
  • Teachers are there after classes as well – it is a very home-feeling atmosphere.
  • by Olivia Grace on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    Highly Recommended

    It was a beautiful experience. I attended their 7 days Yoga retreat course and absolutely loved it, every session was full of energy. I felt so refreshed. The location is really very beautiful and safe. The food is really yummy and fresh. Ek Omkar Yoga school is highly recommended. Namaste

    by Maria Gomez on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    Best experience

    Great environment to practice yoga, just next to the beach. Aman was a great teacher, patient and dedicated. Meditation was a plus, and I got to experience AUM meditation with Shantam. Looking forward to keep my practice and come back next season!

    by Anna Laddoo on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    Great place to Learn and Practice

    A great place to learn and practice... Full of light, and warm hearted people.
    If you are interested in Yoga "Ek Omkar Yoga" is a must. 🙂
    I will see you soon again. Thanks for always helping me out my friend. I learned a lot from you.

    by Yana Ramazanova on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    You feel yourself confident

    During the class Aman gives very clear instructions, support and care, you feel yourself confident and able to go more deep in your usual practice. One more good thing of Aman. His sense of humor is adorable!

    by Anastasiya Bogatyreva on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    Great feeling and mood

    Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes! Always a great feeling and mood after practicing yoga with Aman. Be sure that I'll come in the next season!

    by Sabrina Christina on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    Filled with warmth

    Filled with warmth, lighthearted humor, and a vast knowledge of yoga - Aman is an awesome yoga teacher and practitioner. He is sure to inspire you! He teaches with an open heart & soul and that allows everyone in his class to relax and breath.

    by Женя Кап on Ek Omkar Yoga School
    Felt so Pure

    Amazing time during yoga classes with Aman in Ek omkar yoga&meditation center! The nicest atmosphere during the classes, all techniques well-explained which helped me to get the desired result! Will come back for classes again to get new amazing experience!
    Also emotional blockage treatment done by Aman was an absolutely new experience for me! It made me feel so pure. Thank u very much for that!

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