200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India- Goa & Rishikesh!
at Yoga Alliance® Accredited School - Ek Omkar Yoga RYS-200

Ek Omkar Yoga has 200 hour yoga teacher training in India at Goa and Rishikesh. We are registered with the Yoga Alliance USA which is recognized worldwide. Yoga masters at our school compile the course. It includes the understanding of yoga in a practical and theoretical manner. Most of the practice is traditional and comes way back from the roots. The knowledge of Hatha (Sivananda style) and Vinyasa yoga is given in such a way, which becomes easy to understand for beginners and students of advanced level. Our goal is to make a strong foundation for the understanding of the various areas of yoga with 200-hours yoga teacher training.

We focus on teaching you the correct posture alignment, ways to concentrate, regulation of breath, meditation power and philosophy of yoga. Ek Omkar Yoga promotes self-practice of yoga as well as the discipline of it. You will experience a sense of calmness and peacefulness with our training sessions. You can teach yoga confidently to others once you acquire your certification. This course is a 4-week yoga teacher training program. The course fee includes accommodation, excellent three meals in a day, TTC manual, yoga props and pickup.

With several years of experience in the conduction of yoga teacher training in India at gorgeous locations like Rishikesh and Goa, we have a great addition to students each year. With the backdrop of serene mountains, beach, beauty, and immense peace, there's nothing better you can experience. With advancing your skills in asanas, meditation, pranayama, kriyas, mantra chanting and more, you get a wholesome education through our expert teachers.

We are honored to spread the wisdom of yoga and practices of it to every student. Ek Omkar Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance USA, which means you get an international recognition post your training. A few things set our yoga teacher training course in India apart from other retreats in India! We have proven to be a revered name in the Yoga and continue spreading the harmony of this art form to everyone who wishes to learn.

  • We have students from around the globe.
  • We have conducted a large number of training programs since we started in Goa and Rishikesh, India.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training covers the basic techniques and skills to get started on the noble path of sharing your knowledge of Yoga. Ek Omkar delivers TTC in depth.

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100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

We also offer 100 Hour yoga teacer training in India. Those who can't enrol into 200 hour TTC due to lack of time, can complete 200 hours course into two parts of 100 hours each.

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7 & 13 Days Yoga Retreat Courses

Ek Omkar School also offers short term Yoga retreat courses for those who lack time to enroll themselves in 200 hour Yoga course. But have a great interest in deepening their knowledge.

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Why Join Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC) In Goa & Rishikesh, India Offered By Ek Omkar Yoga?

Yogi Aman established Ek Omkar Yoga TTC School in Goa & Rishikesh, India. We teach Hatha Yoga (Multi-style). We believe in the safe practice of Yoga. We want our every student to experience the harmony between your body and mind through our YTCC course. We aim not only at developing certified Yoga trainers but also at spreading accurate knowledge of Yoga practice, peace, and harmony in the whole world. Our primary focus during TTC is the correct alignment of Asana(Posture), Correct meditation techniques, correct breathing (Pranayam), proper relaxation(Savasana), healthy diet. There is also an opportunity for those who want to join 200 hour TTC but do not have time to complete it in consecutive one month. They can join 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in India.

Yoga Teacher Training India- Reviews

Yoga Teacher Training In Goa, India

yoga teacher training goa

In India, we have chosen two beautiful places to teach Yoga. One of them is the extremely beautiful Goa. The most visited and loved holiday destination in India. If you want to go on a yoga holiday or on a serious course, it is a popular place to do so. Our Yoga Center in Goa offers Yoga TTC near Arambol Beach.

Yoga Courses in Goa

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

yoga teacher training rishikesh

Yoga originated in India and Rishikesh is known as the birthplace of Yoga. Rishikesh is another place where we offer Yoga teacher training course in India. There could not be any better place than Rishikesh for yoga retreats and Teacher Training. Our Yoga center in Rishikesh is located near Lakshman Jhula.

Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

Testimonials- Reviews

Read What Our Participants Have To Say

Yoga Teacher Training India- Reviews

I did my 200 hours Yoga teacher training course at Ek Omkar Yoga Center in December 2016 and would really love to recommend this school to any person interested in learning more about his body, breath and mind!
What I liked most:
  • Small efficient group-sizes: Less than 10 students – that´s awesome! And hard to find anywhere else.
  • Teaching is based on friendship and trust.
  • Excellent, helpful, knowledgable and patient teachers with years of teaching experience!
  • Yoga Alliance certificated.
  • Based on Hata Yoga you will also get a deep understanding for Sivananda- and Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Perfect guideline: course includes Yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. The first 2 weeks you work on improving yourself, the last 2 weeks you focus on teaching techniques and -practice.
  • The place is safe and quiet, 1min to the beach. Very clean and nice accommodation in huts.
  • Food is cooked fresh 3 times a day and is really- I mean really awesome!
  • Teachers are there after classes as well – it is a very home-feeling atmosphere.
  • By Andrea Bichler

    Yoga Teacher Training in India: Vision

    At Ek Omkar Yoga, our vision is not only to develop professional Yoga Teachers but also to bridge the gap between health and happiness. Our mission is to create a robust and healthy community. We believe Yoga is not only physical exercises, in fact, but it is also a holistic way of life that integrates all elements; uniting the body, mind, and soul. Yoga unfolds the infinite potentials of human mind, body, and soul. The courses at Ek Omkar Yoga enforces yogic life without losing its spirituality. This yogic culture will help students to deepen their knowledge about Yoga and practice it.

    Our Yoga Teachers

    We are a team of individuals who are highly experienced yoga professionals. Our experts have years of experience in teaching and Yoga practice. Our Yoga experts are very friendly and helpful. They focus on each student individually and help them achieve their dream of becoming a certified Yoga teacher.

    Yoga Teacher Training Courses
    Affiliated Yoga Schools : Rishikesh, Goa- India

    RYS | 200 Affiliate Yoga Schools – Ek Omkar Yoga offers 100, 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and Goa, India, registered with the Association of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools, Yoga Alliance, USA. This teacher's training program is certified by Yoga Alliance USA. The basic aim of our program is to provide beginners and experienced Yoga students with strong technical and theoretical experience. With the primary emphasis on correct alignment techniques of Asanas/Postures, we focus on providing a non-competitive environment to our students where they can learn and practice Yoga and develop a sturdy foundation.

    This approach has an ultimate goal of practicing injury-free yoga. Whether you dream of becoming a certified Yoga instructor, teach part-time, become a studio owner or just want to deepen your practice, we provide yoga teacher training course programs where you can use Yoga to unblock and realize the potential within you. At Ek Omkar, we train our students not just to teach but to teach powerfully. Teaching is not just an ability to perform Asanas well and having theoretical knowledge. In fact, it is one's ability to train in a way that connects to the students and affects them on a deep level. Our Yoga courses incorporate Hatha style. Remember, Yoga is a never-ending practice. The more you learn, the more you explore yourself and your potentials.

    The course fee includes - yoga training, course material (ttc manual, yoga mat etc), food, accommodation and pickup. If you are planning any trip to Goa and Rishikesh, India and also interested in learning Yoga then hurry up and book your spot as early as possible. Because due to heavy demands the places get booked early.

    What makes us special?

    There are quite a few retreats and teacher training programs in India, but Ek Omkar Yoga stands out. If you've been wondering why you should choose us over the others, we have excellent reasons to justify. To start off, we are not a yoga school, but we are an epitome of education on the subject. We put light on every area of yoga to make you a better teacher. No one walks out of our yoga teacher training courses without learning exceptional concepts of the subject. It is not just book knowledge or basic practices you will be taught, but you will also have a fantastic sense of how to control your body and how yoga targets every portion of your inner as well as outer being.

    Yoga Teacher Training India

    Outstanding and reasonable yoga teacher training at India's finest, Ek Omkar Yoga! Registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA, we have 100 and 200-hour yoga courses to benefit you.

    Yoga for Aspiring Minds

    Expertise in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga course for beginners in Rishikesh and Goa, India!

    Yoga Retreats India

    Short term yoga retreat courses give you the chance to understand the subject and experience it with professionals. Learn the discipline of yoga at Ek Omkar Yoga!

    Certified Yoga TTC

    Our teacher training program offers a certification that is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. It is recognized globally and has international standards.

    Philosophy of the Sessions: -

    This is the core of yoga, and it is like any other thing you learn. There is the philosophy behind yoga that you must know before becoming a certified teacher. At our yoga teacher training course in India, we enlighten you about the aspects of how it works and make your body comfortable with it. We have special philosophy classes at our best yoga center in India in Rishikesh and Goa, that is conducted in a diverse environment. This allows the students to reach their emotional, spiritual, and relaxed state of mind. When you turn to our 200-hour yoga teacher training course in India, you will realize the need for education on communication in yoga.

    • Learn the history and where yoga came from.
    • Introduction towards the essential philosophies of yoga.
    • Introduction to Hatha yoga (Sivananda style), Vinyasa yoga, and more.
    • Concepts, yogic ideas derived from the ancient age.

    The Psychology and Physiology of Yoga: -

    Since yoga has been around for decades, it is well-established to date. Due to outstanding health benefits of undertaking yoga, it is now a mission for people to opt for yoga programs. Anatomy classes will give the students basic education on how the human body works and what yoga does for it. Our class enlightens you about the general understanding, emphasis on the respiratory systems, nervous and musculoskeletal. Besides this, you understand why immunity is essential and functions of it along with benefits of practicing yoga daily.

    • Strengthening your immunity system
    • Understanding how you can cleanse your inner body with yoga
    • Functions of every posture and meditating technique of yoga

    Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Sessions: -

    The culture of asanas came from Hatha Yoga. Since that time, it has been revised by several expert yogis and followed across the world. Flow and inner stillness of mind are essential for practitioners like us. When you want to brush up on skills and start a whole new chapter of experiences in asanas, there's nothing better than our Yoga Teacher Training course. We have a balanced session between both which make you an expert in the field. We teach you traditional forms of hatha yoga with the right modifications, adjustments, and alignment of the body; we also educate you on the Sanskrit terms used, benefits of asanas and how to use breath for every posture. Besides this, you get a clear view of how different sun salutations are performed along with the study of Vinyasa.

    • We have modern hatha yoga combined with the best of the traditional.
    • Along the way, we will explain the benefits of the yoga posture.
    • With that, you will get an idea of why this works for the body.
    • These Hatha yoga and Vinyasa sessions are the keys to becoming a proficient teacher.

    Pranayama – for regulation in the body: -

    According to the scriptures of the great yoga, pranayama is what manifests breathing in humans. The regular practice of the same will bring you immense mental and physical advantages. When you put in all your time into perfecting the pranayamas, you will see a major change in your body. You become a calmer, composed and peaceful human being. Our pranayama sessions in Rishikesh and Goa are packed with intense studies of how this act of yoga will bring you joy. To become a good yoga teacher, you need to know the variations between breathing. It is also known as psychophysiological mirroring of being, which denotes that your regular breathing to the fullest can lead to an overall healthy life. At the session, the key things you will learn are:

    • Techniques for breathing to improve your respiratory system
    • Improvement of all functions of the body
    • Why pranayama must be practiced every day
    • Breath regulation to turn down stress levels
    • Essentials of Kumbhak, applications, and retention of breathing
    • Natural breathing tricks
    • Working on the inner system of your body

    Our Yoga Schools in India

    Our Yoga TTC centers are located at two places in India- Goa and Rishikesh. Our center in Goa is located at the most beautiful Arambol beach in North Goa and in Rishikesh- The Land of Yogis our yoga center in is located near Lakshman Jhulla. Through our own practice, we have found that Yoga Classes are best done in relaxing and natural environments. So we have chosen the most peaceful and relaxed places for our Yoga school. Goa is more than only beaches and parties. During Yoga TTC in Goa, you will experience beach yoga as the sun rises over the sea. In Rishikesh you will get the opportunity to experience the spirituality too. Learning yoga in Rishikesh is a truly unique & life-transforming experience. Rishikesh is the origin of this ancient wisdom. Many great Yogis have spent their lives practicing and developing this astonishing science of life in these mountains. Yoga practitioners feel a spiritual energy and grace here.

    Make time for your Yoga
    Yoga is the journey of the self
    through the self
    to the self
    -Bhagwat Geeta
    Yoga is a safe Journey
    in this unsafe world

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