Emotional Blockage Release Treatment

Emotional Blockage Release Treatment is the way to overcome the past traumas, negative experiences, deep emotional pains, situations ranging from the loss of a loved one, betrayal, abuse, rejection, and so on. An emotional blockage is created when we go through a trauma and we don’t fully express the things we experience during that time. Some people express them in the form of anger, harsh voice etc, while some people absorb it and remain with it forever. It happens to each of us to different extents. Some people have it more while some have less.

“Are you blocking your emotions to the extent that makes you sad?”

Emotional Blockage Release Treatment
We experience different emotions in our bodies. The more we avoid experiencing emotions, the more they chase us. The only way overcome them is through them. Emotional blockages are invisible barriers that keep you from seeing beyond what is right in front of you and can consist of any kind of emotions. These are the emotions that we suppress, repress and are incapable of expressing. When we do not express our emotions in healthy ways, we build an emotional blockage.

Why is it important to release blocked emotions?

Releasing emotions stored in the body is very important. Suppressing emotions for a long-term can cause health hazards. You will not only lose your mental health but physical as well. It can also lead to chronic diseases. They also affect us in a mental sense, as our lives can’t progress if we are stuck in the past, constantly reliving, on a subconscious level, traumas from our earlier lives.

“So that you can move forward in life and feel good on daily basis.“

  1. Anger can interfere with our focus.
  2. Sadness can make us depressed.
  3. Anxiety can interrupt our peace.
  4. Fear can hinder our courage and paralyze us.

Addressing and healing the blocks allows harmony and healing not only on the emotional level but also on spiritual and physical levels.
If you are feeling emotionally blocked currently, know that you have picked fear over love. By making this choice more conscious, right at this moment, you will likely begin to ease the emotional blockages you are experiencing and begin the process of clearing them up.

Emotional Blockage Release Treatment at Ek Omkar Yoga

On the physical level, we are usually prompted to do some form of cleansing before we bring in something new. We shower, clean the house, wash our food. But we neglect to clean ourselves emotionally. Unfelt or repressed emotions like anger, jealousy, hate and guilt are dense emotions and block our energy. The emotional body carries on suppressed emotions until you let them go by expressing them. These unreleased emotions prevent you from raising your vibrational frequencies and can result in physical indications of illness.

To extirpate old layers of stuff that does not serve you it is essential to release emotional blocks. As you see, yoga is a holistic practice, this is why it has become so prevalent: it teaches us that we are whole people since the only way to truly succeed at yoga is to force yourself to experience the totality of who you are: mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. We at Ek Omkar Yoga Center offer emotional blockage release treatment so that is can help you grow your practice in Yoga asanas and improve your focus and concentration required for Meditation and Pranayama.

How to Release Emotions From The Body and clear Emotional Blocks/

These blocks usually settle in lower parts of the body which affects the blood flow. This affects our nervous system which may lead to pain or failure of body organs. When these emotional blocks are released one experiences a certain stability in the body which further helps to go deep in your yoga practice and meditation.
During Emotional Blockage Release Treatment at Ek Omkar Yoga, the students will learn pranayama(breathing technique), Neti (yogic cleansing technique), yoga asana practice, bodywork procedures concentrating mainly on the lower parts of the body like hips, thighs etc.
The emotional blockage release treatment will not only improve your mental health but also your physical health by introducing more flexibility in your body. Emotional blockage release treatment is an optional part of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and Rishikesh program. This treatment will help you grow as a Yoga teacher and help others with your knowledge.

Clearing blocks through Emotional Blockage Release treatment help to:

  1. Resolve past negative experiences and all (negative) associations with it
  2. Break unproductive habits, behaviors and beliefs
  3. Overcome anxiety and fear
  4. Transform relationships
  5. Stop negative thinking
  6. Experience mind-body connection

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