Accommodation during Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Accommodation during the course is included in your fees and is provided Ek Omkar Yoga Center. We provide shared or private accommodation to our Yoga TTC students. Everything is prepared especially for Yoga students so that they can enjoy every moment during the training program. Accommodation is equipped with lots of facilities to makes our students feel at home. We provide rooms for sharing (extra charges for single occupancy).


  • Double Bed, Attached Bathrooms,
  • 24 hours water supply, Free WiFi, Luggage Rack
  • Semi-automatic Washing Machine is available for students during Yoga Teachers Training Course.
  • Inside view of Rooms and Dining Area


    A balanced diet plays a major role in keeping us fit. Eating is perhaps the essential part of one’s yoga practice. A balanced diet nourishes the body’s tissues and forms basis for the nourishment of the mind and emotions. During the TTC program, Ek Omkar serves vegetarian diet to its students. As we believe in Yoga philosophy of ‘Ahinsa’, which means ‘harming neither self nor others’. We have a restaurant in our school where we serve three meals per day during the course(26 days) except Sundays. Students can enjoy delicious vegetarian food in the beautiful dining area. We do not offer non-vegetarian food including eggs. A vegetarian diet promotes inner calmness and harmony between body and mind.
    Three pure vegetarian meals are served every day (except Sunday) during the course.

    Breakfast: Porridge, fruit muesli, bread toast, fruit salad, sprouts, nuts, salads, coconut water, herbal tea(Green tea, Mint tea), coffee, milk, Indian breakfast.

    Lunch: Traditional Ayurvedic Indian Thali, including rice, chapati (Indian whole wheat bread), lentils, vegetables, salad(Greek Salad, Avacado Salad, Sprouts Salad, Green Salad), beans, yogurt.

    Dinner: Combination of healthy Ayurvedic Indian food, cooked vegetables, raw salad, fruit salad, lentils and herbal tea. Other items may be ordered separately from our menu.

    All of our food served is strictly vegetarian with no exceptions. We do not offer any non-vegetarian food, including eggs. All of our food is well balanced and protein rich.

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